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Solutions for tough environments

Steinsvik is a world-leading technology supplier to the global aquaculture industry. The driving force behind the company is a desire to provide innovation and solutions for an industry in constant development, and help shape tomorrow's aquaculture. Steinsvik offers a wide range of products in feeding technology, monitoring systems, software, water engineering and parasite control. The company has over 600 employees with branches in 10 countries, and is headquartered on the west coast of Norway.


The sea can be both demanding and temperamental, a tough environment that demands tough solutions. Our products will put your mind at ease, safe in the knowledge they will perform optimally under even the harshest conditions. Innovatively designed, ensuring a complete overview and control of your operations. Resilient and robust to withstand the nature of the ocean. Safe, sure and seaproofed for life.

The rigors of the ocean have defined our heritage of crafting precision-made equipment to endure the power of the sea. Hands-on, dedicated and resilient, our attitude is reflected in our products. Innovatively challenging convention, we continuously adapt our knowledge to evolve ideas to solve tomorrows marine challenges, and the unforgiving harsh environments in which we operate. With focus on our customer needs, we believe in collaboration to discover the most effective and sustainable solutions.




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Our values and actions give us the ability to carry out our mission. These are the things we carry with us always. They guide the decisions we make in our work day to day. They define us as a company and as the type of people we are. By putting these values into practice we create an attitude and an approach that will maximize value for our clients and ensure our company is an inspirational place to work.


Look ahead

  • Foresee opportunities and initiate change.
  • Beware of your footprint, we need to take care of the environment.


Follow through

  • Think differently to achieve your goals.
  • Stay hands-on and fulfill what you have started.


Be brave

  • Support each other through close collaboration.
  • Stay resilient and dedicated.
  • Tell it like it is. Always.


Stay curious

  • By being open you can be inspired.
  • Dig deeper, look for solutions for tomorrow.


Steinsvik is now a part of

Scale AQ

After years of Working Together, we are joining our colleagues in Aqualine and AquaOptima to form ScaleAQ - the new world leader in aquaculture.

Together we will create growth in aquaculture by delivering digital technology, engineering, infrastructure and services in a dependable, sustainable and innovative way.