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Tailor-made communication solutions

Steinsvik has extensive experience with wireless communication, both between localities, and from locality and ashore. We offer tailor-made communication solutions to ensure your needs related to remote operation and remote monitoring – anything from simple direct links between two barges to complex networks covering many locations and large geographic distances. Steinsvik has the necessary knowledge and the right technology to deliver a robust network with high capacity and reliability.

Remote operation is a relatively new concept in the fish farming industry. As volumes per operating unit has increased, the need for continuous supervision of production has increased accordingly. This can be anything from a short-term local need as a result of reduced staffing on weekends and holidays, the ability to feed all day when the weather does not allow traffic to the plant, or centralizing operations and creating an academic environment with groupings of people who sit together in custom workstations, responsible for different facilities.




Steinsvik started already in the early 2000s to provide remote operation solutions for our camera systems. Over the years, we have accumulated a great deal of experience with various technologies and can now offer one of the best and most complete remote operation solutions. We offer everything from simple remote operation of feeding and camera systems from cages and workboat, to complete regional feeding centres and complete contracts.


The fish farming industry is growing and efficient feeding is an important success factor. By centralizing operations, one can create active workgroups through observing and discussing with colleagues. This may contribute to a collective increased understanding of fish behaviour and welfare under various conditions.


Above: Advanced technology transmits signals from several sites to the feeding centre located ashore.



Technical surveillance

We also set up for remote monitoring of all technical equipment on the barge so that alarms and sensors can provide a better overview of the locality for its users. This can be anything from weather sensors, slope sensors, liquid levels, temperature, lighting and so on.



Remotely operated feeding sets high demands on uptime to ensure access and operational control. Our solutions are based on well proven equipment who can handle the physical rigors like salt and wind over a longer period of time. If anything should happen to the network, we have a support team ready to make corrective measures. To ensure access no matter what, we also provide a “backdoor”, which allows you to manage the equipment on the barge, even with malfunctions on the main lines.

Security monitoring

Some locations are more often exposed to bad weather than others, and it may be reassuring to have security monitoring. You will be able to follow planned activities and initiate actions in case of an accident. It is also useful, especially during the summer and when the facility is not staffed, for documenting any visits from unauthorized people.

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