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Ergonomic and flexible bridge consoles

The bridge deck is one of the ship’s vital areas. Critical decisions are made and will have a direct impact on the safety and handling of the ship. The design and instrumentation on the bridge is a visible sign of the ship's advanced functionality.


Our ergonomic and flexible FlexiBridge consoles contributes to a proper working environment far more than any other bridge solutions on the market. Regardless of the vessel’s technical outfitting or operating personnel, FlexiBridge gives you the necessary overview and working environment needed to operate the ship in a safe and efficient manner.




FlexiBridge represented a revolution when it was introduced to the market. The flexible, modular design makes it possible to assemble the instrumentation on the bridge the way the customer prefer to arrange it, with a mix of components from different manufacturers. Innovations in terms of use, installation and serviceability makes the choice easy. A modern look combined with unmatched flexibility makes FlexiBridge the market’s most attractive and advanced bridge solution.


The FlexiBridge design is based on 10 years of bridge deck installations on various vessels such as; OSV, MPSV, AHTS, semi submersibles, drilling units, flotels, well boats, and fishing vessels among others. Take into consideration the NAUT-OSV/AW, NORSOK, ISO 11064 ergonomics and other regulations, and you will have one of the most efficient, ergonomic and flexible bridge solutions on the market.



User focus

FlexiBridge is designed so that those who have their daily work on the bridge get the best possible overview and easiest possible access to instruments and controls on the bridge. With its modular design, it is easy to create tailor-made solutions in order to achieve optimum adaptation to different needs.



Suits all instruments

There are as many different instruments as there are vessel designs. FlexiBridge is designed to fit all available instruments on the market. The end result will be as if you have chosen a fully integrated bridge solution from any major suppliers. But with a FlexiBridge you may choose your preference of instruments from a mixture of the major suppliers.



Layout of consoles

Steinsvik has extensive experience in creating customized layouts of instruments, displays and controls that ensure an optimal location of each device in accordance with the regulations.





Pre-cut top plates

We make cut-outs for all instruments to be mounted in the top plates. This simplifies installation work and the result is clean and professional looking. Replaceable top covers makes it easy to upgrade instruments and keep the bridge neat.



Pre-installation of instruments

Steinsvik can also mount all instruments and equipment which are to be inserted in the consoles before they are transported to the shipyard for fitting in the wheelhouse. The result is a fast, clean and cost efficient installation of bridge consoles.




There are strict regulations on noise created by computers and cooling fans on the bridge deck and in control rooms. Our FlexiBridge design allows for noisy computers to be placed in a separate instrument room to minimize noise for the operators.



New generation

We have developed a new generation of FlexiBridge with new basic design, new functionality and new modules. This provides FlexiBridge greater flexibility, better ergonomics, easier installation and improved serviceability.






  • Opens up and allows for a brighter working environment
  • Flexible and mobile screens
  • Raise/lower function
  • Meets NORSOK standard for a working environment
  • Modular design provides many new opportunities
  • Pre-assembly of sensitive components




Fishing vessels Offshore vessels
Libas Normand Ferking
Gardar Acergy Viking
Brennholm Viking Queen
Knester Viking Lady

Hellesøy verft: Build 147

Ståløy Hellesøy verft: Build 148
Geir II Hellesøy verft: Build 149
Abelone Møgster Hellesøy verft: Build 150
Straumberg Hellesøy verft: Build 151
Eros Fjellstrand verft: Build 1687
Kings Bay Fjellstrand verft: Build 1689
Ligrunn Østensjø Rederi: Edda Fides
Liafjord Østensjø Rederi: Edda Ferd
Ro Arctic Siem Pilot
Ro Fjell DinaStar
Ro Master  
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M Ytterstad  


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