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The right service model for your needs

Steinsvik offers a range of services for our different products. Everything from basic on-demand service to complete care service with run-time warranty is offered. The range and contents of the different services varies within the different product categories and markets. Our skilled sales team will be happy to assist you in finding the right service model based on your needs and location.

Modern fish farming is dependent on advanced technical equipment for effective production. As a leading manufacturer and supplier to the fish farming industry, Steinsvik is putting a lot of effort in to designing and building products and solutions with long lifetime expectancy and low maintenance costs. However, due to the harsh conditions where these systems are operating, some level of service and maintenance is required to keep the systems running, year after year. Steinsvik has the expertise, products and people to help you ensure a cost effective production, keeping technical problems and delays down to a minimum.



Different needs

Different products have different service and support needs. Based on our knowledge and experience from delivering fish farming equipment for many years, we have designed service, support and training programs that will ensure that you get the most out of your Steinsvik products.

Feeding systems

The feeding systems contains parts that needs regular service and maintenance. By signing a service agreement with Steinsvik, we will ensure that the feeding systems are serviced at the right intervals, to prevent failures and breakdowns stopping production. Replacement parts and labour is included in our fixed price, and the service will be performed by trained service technicians. You will get a service report with details of the performed service, and recommendations for further service needs based on our technicians' inspection. Farmers will also be given training and tips on how to utilize the feeding system in the best way possible.


  • Service intervals to prevent production stop
  • Replacement parts and labour is included
  • Service performed by trained service technicians
  • Service report with details of the performed service
  • Training and tips to utilize the feeding system

Camera systems

The camera system plays a vital role in having full control of the feeding process. Due to the harsh conditions these systems has to withstand, we recommend regular inspection and service on all parts in the camera system. Steinsvik keeps track of the service record of every component in the system. The service agreement is offered at a fixed price per camera system. The benefits of regular service is prolonged lifetime and better performance. System service is normally done during periods when there is no production on the site.


  • Service record of every component
  • Fixed price per camera system
  • System service during periods with no production on the site


Above: Assembly and service of camera systems at our modern facilities in Frakkagjerd.


Remote operation systems and wireless networks

For remote operation systems, Steinsvik offers a service model where we monitor and support the system 24/7. A run-time warranty is given, so if anything happens, Steinsvik will replace the defect components and get the system running again, without any extra cost for the customer. You pay an annual fixed price for the system, and Steinsvik is responsible for network surveillance and maintenance. You will be able to focus on feeding the fish, and Steinsvik will take care of any technical issues regarding the system.


  • We monitor and support the system 24/7
  • Run-time warranty
  • Annual fixed price


Water engineering

For our water treatment systems with filters, UVs and our Plug & Play solutions, we are committed to proved after sales service, supplying any spare parts required for maintenance for the entire range og filters, UV products and other water treatment systems. With regular maintenance, performed by highly trained service engineers, flexible service options and exclusive access to OEM components, a Steinsvik service will vastly cut the risks associated with production down time, product recall and process failure, saving you both time and money.

  • Commissioning
    A Steinsvik commission ensures your system is correctly installed, calibrated and working at optimum performance from day one.
  • Training
    Safety first: Steinsvik aim to maximize safety when operating UV systems. As a result, we can provide onsite training programs, which teach necessary safety, technical and operational information on all aspects of UV systems.


Other product groups

We offer service and support programs for most of our product groups. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information.



Repair and routine service

If there are errors on the equipment we have supplied or it's time for routine service, you can send your equipment to us. To the right under "Downloads" you will find a return form that can be completed and sent with the equipment.




Do you need user support? Our support center is open from 07:00 – 16:00. We are ready to help you. 



Remote support

We can help you with remote support via PC. Press the link in the menu and follow the onscreen instructions. Remember to call us in advance in order to arrange.



Software updates

In order to benefit from software updates, you must have a valid license and service contract with Steinsvik.

Steinsvik is now a part of

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Together we will create growth in aquaculture by delivering digital technology, engineering, infrastructure and services in a dependable, sustainable and innovative way.